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We are in the middle of a shift changing the face of marketing,
the keyword is MOBILE, and 70% of searches are done using Mobile Devices

Every businesses must have multiple exposures on the Internet with up-to-date information,
leading to key answers how people are looking for your kind of business.

A Custom Mobile site presents these important key Answers
with ease and a “tap-to-call” function,
AND a “Save this App” button
All are included in our Service Pack at NO extra cost

For more details Select your country USA Business  –  Canada Business

Finder Network

If Your Business is Not listed in the categorized
FinderNetwork Mobile Directories,
your potential clients end up on a track to nowhere,
or worst going to your competitors.

Finder Network

The Finder Mobile Directory for your Business Category will present all Businesses close to the location of a potential client searching for your kind of business.  


  • Networker   specialty Directory for Network Marketer worldwide. (available for sale)


Finder Network

Business Directories 

  • Business Finder Canada – and
  • Business Finder USA – Business Directory, Business details with link to Client’s Mobile site and Mobizzz.us, the Mobile Directory with App inclusion
  • Mobizzz  USA “first-of-its-kind” active Mobile Directory for USA based businesses, fastest search results based on GPS enabled and GeoIP targeted for Smart Phones. 
  • Mobizzz  Canada “first-of-its-kind” active Mobile Directory for Canada based Businesses, fastest search results based on GPS enabled and GeoIP targeted for Smart Phones. 

Mission – Our mission is building Traffic!

Building traffic to your business, getting more clients to find your business and therefore increase your revenues.

2016 was the start to a major shift with Search engines (specifically Google), which caused many websites to loose rankings and visibility. Today – Over 65% of local searches are done on Mobile devices. Finder Network’s “First-of-its-kind” Niche categorized Directories are using advanced technology of integrated GeoIP targeting and GPS-enabled delivering results instantly to potential clients who are using any mobile device (as well as laptop/desktop computers).  However, a website is not enough anymore. Your business must be listed in your specific Business Category Directory. The Search Engine landscape (Google, Bing, Ask and many more)  is changing.

We are a cool Digital Agency, creating a network of interconnected “REAL” categorized Directories. Highlight features, including pertinent business details, phone, images & video (if available) about your business, direction on maps, client reviews, direct links to your business website and much more. Your Business listed with up to 25 keywords business categories which greatly enhance the search value.

We are ready to start working for you. 
We are not only listing your business,
we are promoting your business with multiple
search engines, Social Media platforms, and more
We are ready to start working for you. We are not only listing your business, we are promoting your business with multiple search engines, Social Media platforms, and more

Finder Network Mobile Sites

Our Mobile sites are smartphone-optimized sites, using an innovative way with a Mobile Editor based platform, creating an adaptive site. With the dynamic serving feature, a site will load only the mobile version of a site, making the site faster by reducing the number of requests and amount of data transferred, delivering all pertinent information to the Mobile devices, including a direct link to the clients main website for more information (when available).
A Mobile site delivers all key components, such as phone with “tap-to-call”, address with directional map, images and video, to potential clients. This Mobile Site with color selection, and if available a targeted domain for your business, is included in our Mobile Site package.

Why EVERY Business needs a Mobile Site

So let’s get something straight.
Since February 23, 2016, Google made several announcement that any website should use responsive design. Most websites using responsive design deal with slow load times which inherently have negative SEO consequences meaning your ranking is negatively impacted.
To make matters worse there is a site speed penalty for websites in the works per an announcement mid May by Google’s Matt Cutts. So, it seems like Google is changing the landscape of websites in that they are trying to put the mobile user first as many businesses should be doing. Common site delays are due to external JavaScript and CSS, extra coding on Websites to make them Mobile friendly/responsive.
Past websites are built on static platforms which means that they do not adjust to different screen sizes. Responsive websites are usually built using Wordpress, Joomla, html and others, and require additional coding to adjust to mobile screen sizes. However due to the constant updating requirements of those platforms, their functionality can be compromised which can cause certain parts of those website to be hidden.
Our custom Mobile Sites use their own specially developed page builder which ensures flawless viewing, no matter the screen size.


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